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Fishing season on the river Torridge
March 1st for salmon, 15th March for brown trout and sea trout, to September 30th
Located on the river Torridge, the Bradford Manor estate is a Doomsday book Manor. The land and properties have been sold off over the past 60 years or so.
The Manor still has fishing rights on the Torridge for approx 800 yards, some double bank, along a beautiful peaceful unspoilt stretch between Henscott and Dipper Mill, Bradford near Shebbear, Devon. Pools and shale shallows. There is plenty of parking at The Manor, prep room, toilet and refreshments by prior arrangements, with a 20 minute countryside walk across fields and meadows to the river which is designated SSSI and therefore should be appreciated and respected. The 40 acre or so meadow along the river, has sheep in from time to time so the grass is short. Very good choice of local pubs for quality food short drive into villages, with up to date menus kept at Bradford Manor for reference and bookings.
Salmon and trout have been caught along this stretch over the past 21 years by the current owners but only on an interest point of view on the odd occasion. Previous owner of the Manor was a keen fly fisher and regularly fished and caught.  The next beat up and down the river regularly catch.
Just a few Fly fishing Rods are now being made available to rent for only £2000 for this stretch of the river Torridge, for your use on this beat within the guidance below and local river by laws.
New opportunity so virtually undisturbed fishing along whole beat.  Catch report will be needed to be filled in each day for River records and post through letter box of Bradford Manor.
About the fishing:
In line with national and regional byelaws, all salmon caught before June 16th, and salmon caught over 70cm in length between the 1st of August and 30th September, must be returned to the river unharmed. Sea-trout of 10 inches or less should also be returned.
Advice ref fishing here by the Fishery Association for the River Torridge is as follows: The best months for salmon are April, May and September. The chances of a fish are much greater after a spate with typical sizes ranging from 7lb to 12lb. Fish of over 20lbs can occasionally be taken. A rod of between 9 and 12 feet with an AFTM floating or intermediate line weight of 6/7 is ideal. Some prefer to use a small double handed rod to facilitate roll casting when fishing wooded banks. Nylon of breaking strain 8 to 10lb is usually adequate. According to the depth and colour of the water fly sizes between 14 and 10 are usually appropriate with tubes of up to 1″ best for high/coloured water. The most commonly used patterns are Stoat’s Tails, Ally Shrimps and Yellow and Black flies.
8-10lb Large sea-trout come in the river end April and into May.
4lbs sea trout early June.
Best time is latter half June, through July and first half August.
The fishing season on the River Torridge March 1st to September 30th. Salmon, sea-trout, brown trout all giving the fisher excellent sport. Early run of salmon mid March to mid May. Spinning is in March from April 1st ‘FLY ONLY' rule. An hour before and after dusk is a good time for trout in low river times.

Fishing for salmon on this river is weather related. With the height and colour of the water correct, the better the chance of taking a fish. September is a good month for salmon with increased rain falls.

Brown Trout is also a great time spent fishing here. In the spring brown trout begin to rise to a dry fly. At best in April, May and June.
Season Extensions:
Possible season extensions into October as advised for compulsory catch and release Fishing

River Trent - Staffordshire

River Trent in  South Staffordshire just NE of Alrewas village. The fishing rights to  a 300m (approx) stretch of theRiver Trent, one bank. The current owner is looking to either  sell or lease the rights to any interested parties.

 Note, access is by foot, parking would need to be made in Alrewas with a 1kmm (approx) walk to the river.

Open to offers.

Upper reaches River Taw

The current owner is not sure what fish are present in the river. The fishing is on the Lapford yeo, near the meeting with the Taw.He is of the opinion that brown trout have been caught, but neither the current owner or the previous owner were fisherman. All species of the upper taw are probably present.We have no statistics, the owner is willing to lease the rights for the season, for a reasonable price say £300 provided the licensee would provide some statistics for the season. There is 375m of single bank plus 50m of single bank fishing. The land is young woodland, with full access. It is directly accessed by the A377 and within seconds of Lapford railway station, where people using the land may park (just let the resident know). There is vehicular access to the site (but this is better suited to 4X4s). We think this could be a great opportunity for a fisherman or small syndicate at a reasonable price, there may be a lot of fish or maybe just a few. The fishing is within 18 miles of Exeter and 23 miles of Barnstaple.

We are currently urgently looking for fishing rights in the following areas.

River Fishing

Salmon and Sea Trout

All coastal rivers considered.

Salmon and Trout

Any stretches of river considered.

Coarse Fishing

We are also interested in coarse fishing stretches of rivers or lakes.

Please get in touch if you have any water to sell or lease whether it be permanent, annual, here or
anywhere else in the country,

We may be able to help you.
Or call Jim on 07799 702264,

Tight Lines!

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